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  • Single-Stage (YR) Steam Turbines

    Single-Stage (YR) Steam Turbines
    Single-Stage (YR) Steam Turbines
    Single-Stage (YR) Steam Turbines


    Quality, Reliability, and Adaptability

    Ebara Elliott Energy single-stage (YR) steam turbines are globally renowned for performance in a wide range of services. They are known for quality, reliability, and adaptability, operating for decades in conditions ranging from humid tropical heat and rainfall to freezing, icy tundra and snowfall. Around the world, YR turbines are on the job driving pumps, compressors, fans, blowers, generators, sugar mill tandems, cane shredders, paper machine lineshafts, and many other applications.


    Our single-valve, single-stage YR turbines feature cost-effective design and superior performance under varying operating conditions. Our multi-YR (MYR) turbines combine the reliability and parts interchangeability of our YR turbine with the power and efficiency of multi-stage turbines. MYR turbines produce more power without additional steam and can be installed in many areas where single-stage steam turbines are currently operating. DYRHH single-stage turbines offer a solution for high back-pressure applications.

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