Plain Bearing Remetalling and Machining Services

Quality and Service

Alloy Bearings remetals, manufactures and supplies bearings for a wide variety of purposes, meeting exacting demands for performance, quality, price and environmental excellence.  We are ISO9001:2015 accredited for quality management standards.  Our facilities are backed by the highest level of expertise and four generations of experience, which enables us to offer solutions to any bearing problem.


Dedication and Support

Our team of skilled engineers provide a complete service. We have key international relationships which helps ensure that we can provide the best local support and assistance. Our engineers are dedicated to solving customers’ problems and reducing downtime.


Managing Risk

Life-cycle management of critical equipment is an essential strategy in today’s changing environment. Minimising risk and preventing downtime are realities that all manufacturing and primary industries should identify as key management issues in order to achieve operational excellence.

As remanufacturers of bearings with a variety of purposes, we tailor our service package to meet customers’ requirements.  Holding capital spares to ease the cost of ownership and training customers’ staff to undertake essential maintenance are just some examples of our attitude towards building partnerships.

Plain Bearing Remetalling and Machining Services
Plain Bearing Remetalling and Machining Services